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  • PURI

Kolkata – Bhubaneswar-Puri Route (555 km)

  • Kolkata 218 km
  • Jharpokoria 35 km
  • Baripada(Pithabata-Simlipal National Park 22 km) 51 km
  • Baleshwar(Chandipur on Sea 16 km) 69 km
  • Bhadrak(Chandbali-Bhitarkanika 60 km) 33 km
  • Panikoili 29 km
  • Chandikhol 27 km
  • Choudwar 12 km
  • Cuttak 25 km
  • Bhubaneswar 20 km
  • Pipili 19 km
  • Sakhigopal 17 km
  • Puri
General Informations:


Abode of Lord Jagannath, literally Lord of the World, Puri is one of the four holiest places in India. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, it has one of the finest beaches in India.
How To Reach: Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport-60 km. Indian Airlines has flights from Kolkata. Puri has a terminus on the S.E Railway having fast and superfast train links with Kolkata. Booking available for Super Luxury Bus Service (Kolkata-Puri-Kolkata), (Kolkata-Cuttack-Kolkata), (Kolkata-Bhubaneswar-Kolkata).
Places of Interest: Shri Jagannath Temple, The Beach, Dabalgiri, Udaygiri & Khandagiri, Nandankanon.


Temple city, capital of the state of Orissa and the ancient kingdom of Kalinga quintessence of the present and the past, Bhubaneswar’s bustling modernity reverberates with echoes of the past.
How To Reach: Bhubaneswar is connected by air and rail to Kolkata.
Major Attractions: Udaygiri, Khandagiri, Dhabalgiri, Mukteswar Temple, State Museum, Rajarani Temple, Parsurameswara Temple, Tribal Research Museum, Regional Science Centre, BDA Nicco Park.
Excursions: Nandankanan (20 km), Hirapur (13 km), Pipli (20km), Atri (42 km).


65Km from Bhubaneswara, 36 km from Puri.
Major Attractions:Konark Festival, Museum, The Beach.
Excursions: Ramachandi (8 km), Beleswar(20 km), Balighai (25 km), Kapileswar(10 km).


314 km from Kolkata • 230 km from Bhubaneswar. Chandipur is a peaceful sea side resort where the sea recede and proceed 5 km everyday-16 km fromBalasore.
How To Reach:Balasore is well connected by rail and road-214 km from Bhubaneswar.
Excursions: Panchalingeswar (45km) •Remuna (25 km) •Nilagiri (40 km) •Sajanagarh (45 km) Aradi and Chandaneswar.


This 2,750 National Park in Mayurbhanj district is one of eighteen Tiger Reserves of India. The forest is full of hills and waterfalls.
General Information: Simlipal remains opens from 10th November to 15th June only.
How To Reach: 100 km from Chandipur towards Kolkata. Reachable through Pithabata (22 km from Baripada)or Jashipur (94km from Baripada).
What To See: National Park, Barehipani Waterfall, Temples of Khiching and Haripur.


Gopalpur has the most pristine sea beaches of Orissa.
Approach: Gopalpur is well connected by NH-5 (From Berhampur 16 km).
Kolkata to Gopalpur –On –Sea (682 km)
Kolkata218 kmJharpokoria35 km Baripada51 kmBaleshwar69 km Bhadrak33 km Panikoili29 km Chandikhol27 kmChoudwar12 kmCuttak25 kmBhubaneswar85 kmBalugaon30 kmRambha52 kmBrahmapur16 kmGopalpur-On -sea
Places of Interest: Berhampur (16 km) •Taptapani (65 km) •Patisonapur (30 km) •Mahuri Kalua (30 km) •Taratarini (30km) •Jaugada (35 km) •Chilika(Rambha-45 km) •Daringbari (Berhampur to Belghar via Baliguda 68 km and to Daringbari 49 km).


Shadowed with sundari, hetal, gend, keora trees Bhitarkanika is the 2nd largest Mangrove Forest in India. Out of the 58 species of plants found in India , 55 are available in Bhitarkanika. The river teems with crocodiles and tortoise and variety of snakes.
Best Season To Visit: October to June
How To Reach: Bhitarkanika can be approached only through waterways. Most convenient entry points being- •Howrah to Bhadrak 297 km •Chandbali (60 km from Bhadrak ) Chandbali to Kanikarange 4 km •Dangmal to Ekagula (Bhitarkanika)30km . Motor boats are available on hire.Chandbali to Dangmal 3 hrs.
*2 Night/3 Days or 4 Nights 5 Days Package available.

PuriShakuntala Beach Resort (Beside Puri Hotel) Special Rate Offer
PuriHotel Shakuntala Palace (Gopal Ballav Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriAsian Inn Beach Resort (On New Marine Drive Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriHans Coco Palm (On Marine Drive Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriHotel Sonar Bangla (New Marine Drive Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriToshali Sands (Konark Marine Drive Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriProvanil Dlx.Guest House with kitchen (Swargadwar) Special Rate Offer
PuriHotel Leo Castle Special Rate Offer
PuriHotel Dreamland (New Marine Drive Road) Special Rate Offer
PuriMyfair Special Rate Offer
BARKULPanthanivas Barkul (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
RAMBHAPanthanivas Rambha (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
TAPTAPANI (65 Km from Brahmapur Station) Deers Eco Tourist Lodge Special Rate Offer
PHULBANI (113 Km from Daringbari/ 4 Hrs from Brahmapur) (Hill Station Approx 3000 ft. height) Kamala Residency (Main Road) Special Rate Offer
PHULBANI (113 Km from Daringbari/ 4 Hrs from Brahmapur) (Hill Station Approx 3000 ft. height) Hill View Lodge (City Centre) Special Rate Offer
PHULBANI (113 Km from Daringbari/ 4 Hrs from Brahmapur) (Hill Station Approx 3000 ft. height) New Guru Lodge (Main Road) Special Rate Offer
PHULBANI (113 Km from Daringbari/ 4 Hrs from Brahmapur) (Hill Station Approx 3000 ft. height) Brahmapur65 Km Taptapani 80 KmDaringbari 113 Km Phulbani 90 Km Bhanjanagar 38 Km Asika 40 Km Brahmapur Special Rate Offer
SATPADAYatrinivas Satpada (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
CHANDIPUR-ON-SEA Hotel Anandamayee (On Beach) Special Rate Offer
CHANDIPUR-ON-SEA Ranar Hotel Special Rate Offer
CHANDIPUR-ON-SEA Hotel Shubham(Near Beach) Special Rate Offer
CHANDIPUR-ON-SEA Panthanivas Chandipur (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
PANCHALINGESWAR Roopark Village Resort Special Rate Offer
PANCHALINGESWAR Panthasala Panchalingeswar (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARPanthanivas Bhubaneswar (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARHotel Janpath Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARHotel Arya Palace (Ashok Nagar) Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWAR Hotel Upasana Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARHotel Vintage Villa Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARHotel Grand Central (Old station Bazar) Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARThe Triumph Residency (Saheed Nagar) Special Rate Offer
BHUBANESWARBhubaneswar Hotel (Cuttack Road) Special Rate Offer
LULUNGPanthanivas Lulung (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
CHANDBALIAranyanivas Chandbali (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
BALASOREBalasore Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
BHITARKANIKA (Ex. Bhadrak) 3 Nights 4 Days Package Special Rate Offer
CHANDANESWAR Panthasala Chandaneswar (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
PARADEEPParadeep Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
CUTTACKPanthanivas Cuttack (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
KONARKPanthanivas Konark (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
KONARKYatrinivas Konark (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
SAMBALPURPanthanivas Sambalpur (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
ROURKELARourkela Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
DHAULIDhauli Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
DHENKANALDhenkanal Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
KEONJHARKeonjhar Youth Hostel (OTDC) Special Rate Offer
JEYPOREHotel Hello Jeypore (Opp. East Octorie Check Post, NH-43) Special Rate Offer



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