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  • Kolkata 200 km
  • Baharagora 43 km
  • Ghatsila 11 km
  • Galudih 31 km
  • Dimna Morh 24 km
  • Ranchi  91 km
  • Hazaribagh
  • Ghatsila 30 km
  • Jamshedpur 20 km
  • Dalma 107 km
  • Ranchi 140 km
  • Netarhat 145 km
  • Ranchi 87 km
  • Hazaribagh 196 km
  • Deogarh 112 km
  • Dhanbad 303 km
  • Kolkata
General Informations:


This illustrious industrial township put modern India squarely on the world map-it is a model city, surrounded by many industries and the most scenic landscapes.

How To Reach: Railway Satation is Tatanagar and is located on Howrah- Mumbai line on South Eastern Railway. Jamshedpur is very well connected by roads with all important places of Jharkhand.

What To See: Jubilee Park, Sir Dorabji Tata Park, Dimna Lake and Dam, River’s Meet, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jubilee Amusement Park, Chandil Dam.

A Little Further Away: Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, 20 km from Jamshedpur, is home to a large number of elephants. The state capital Ranchi is 135 kms away, having a regular air service. Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, leopard, tiger, porcupine can also be seen in the sanctuary. 

The undulating terrain of Ghatshila has attracted tourists from far and wide for a long time.

How To Reach: One can reach Ghatsila through train from Howrah and from Tata it is a mere ½ hrs journey.

What To See: Ratmohana, Rankini Mandir, Sree Ramkrishna & Vivekananda Ashram, Dharagiri Falls, Burudih Lake.

This picturesque city sits comfortably at an altitude of 2140 feet above sea level and offers scenic splendour along with man-made comforts and superb urban amenities.

How To Reach: It is well connected by rail with Kolkata. It is situated on NH 23 & 33 and there are a number of good roads around it.  

Places Of Interest: Ranchi Hill & Ranchi Lake, Tagore Hills, Kanake dam & Jagannath Temple, War Cemetry, Nakshatra Van, McCluskiegunj, Namkun, Hundru Falls, Sita Falls, Jonha Falls, Dasham Ghagh, Tribal Research Institute, Rock Garden.

Spread in an area of approx. 50 sq. kms, Netarhat is a beautiful plateau. There are a number of interesting places both in and around it.

How To Reach: Nearest Railway Station is Daltonganj (25 kms), 140 kms from Ranchi. Direct journey via Ranchi is more convenient however Govt. Buses from opposite Ranchi Railway Station are also available.

Places Of Interest: Koel View, Sunrise Point, Magnolia Point, Netarhat Dam, Upper Ghaghri, Lower Ghaghri, Netarhat Public School, Sadni Fall and Raja Dera, Lodh water Fall, Tahir & Naina, Banari, Aadhe.

One of India’s earliest tiger reserves (1974), Betla features luxuriant tropical forest cover and a rich variety of fauna. Spread over 250, the park is covered with good roads crisscrossing each other, to enable motorists to have a closer view of the wild life in dense forests.  Best Time To Visit: November to April.

How To Reach: Trains are available from Howrah to Daltongunj. From there buses can be availed. It is 25 kms from Daltonganj.

What To See: Betla Tiger Project, Ketchki, Kerh Sugabandh Falls.

This place is a favourite haunt of those who are health conscious.

How To Reach: From Kolkata Deogarh is at a distance of 329 km. Train ply from Howrah via Josidhi on the main line. Besides CSTC’s buses from Kolkata reach Deogarh in 11 hrs. Nearest railway station Joshidi 8 kms.

What To See: Baidyanath Dham, Satsang Ashram, Temple of Lord Shiva, Clock Tower, Tapovan, Devi Kundeswari Temple, Naolakshi Temple, Trikut Hill.

A Little Further Away: Basukinath (45 km) > Massanjore (100 kms) > Mandar Hill (69 kms).

Land of “thousand gardens”. 2019 ft above sea level Hazaribagh is a ever popular health resort in the hills. Hazaribag National Park is an undeniable attraction for tourist.

How To Reach: The nearest airport Ranchi, 91km away is connected to Kolkata by Indian Airlines flights. Kodarma is the nearest railway station 59 kms away and Hazaribagh Road Railway station 67 kms away from the national park. Kolkata to Hazaribagh 333 km.

What To See: Bokaro Falls, Konar Dam, Canary Hill, Wild Life Sanctuary, Hazaribagh Lake, Tilaiya Dam, Urwan Tourist Complex, Rajarappa, Konar Dam, Suraj Kund.

Saranda (Jharkhand)
Those who love nature may visit the jungle of Saranda. An excursion into the forests of Saranda as well as Thalkobad, Sasangburu and the virgin forests of Kumdi can be made by a jeep from Kiriburu. The rivers Koyena with its rusty red and the Koro with its blue water are rushing through Saranda Forest. Nearest Railway Station to Kiriburu is Guwa (21 km) but 30 km away is Bara Jamda Station which is more convenient. Buses are also available from Ranchi, Bokaro, Chakradharpur, Ghatshila to Kiriburu Hill via Bara Jamda.


Rajgir (Bihar)
In the remote past Rajgir was a prosperous Indian city. But today’s Rajgir is a new city built up quite off from the past. Saptarshi and Brahmakund to the south east of Venuvana across the river Saraswati are the main attractions of today’s Rajgir. On the slope of the hill is the hot water spring from which water comes out in 7 streams each with varying temperature.

Bodhgaya (Bihar)
Bodhgaya is a pilgrim centre as well as a weekend spot. At Bodhgaya Siddhartha attained Bodh or spiritual wisdom. October to March is the ideal time to visit. Devotees from all round the world arrive to attend Buddhajayanti in the month of May. Bodhgaya wears a resplendent festive look that time. The railway station nearest to Bodhgaya is Gaya Junction 12 km away. Frequent auto service is available from there.

BETLAHotel Van Vihar [JKTDC] Special Rate Offer
BETLAHotel Debjani Special Rate Offer
BETLAHotel Naihar Special Rate Offer
JAMSEDPURHotel Siddhartha (Main Road, Bistupur) Special Rate Offer
JAMSEDPURThe Boulevard Hotel (D’Costa Mansion , Bistupur) Special Rate Offer
JAMSEDPURFortune Hotel Center Point (Inner Circle Road) Special Rate Offer
JAMSEDPURHotel South Park (Q. Road) Special Rate Offer
JAMSEDPURMansarovar Hotel (Kasidih Lease Area, Sakchi) Special Rate Offer
DALMAHill View Holiday Resort(Singbhum) Special Rate Offer
DALMA10 Th Milestone (10 Km from Jamshedpur) Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAHotel Shivam (College Road) Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAThe Bibhuti Vihar (Ghatshila Tourist Complex) Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAHotel Shalimar(Near Ghatsila Rly. Stn.) Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAHotel Subarna Sila Complex(Near Subarnarekha River) Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILASuhasita Resort Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILASnehalata Hotel Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAHotel Safari Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILAHotel Meridian Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILA Hotel Ajay Special Rate Offer
GHATSHILASananda lodge (College Road) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Hindustan (Main Road) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Yuvraj (Doranda) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Highland Inn (Old Hazaribagh Road) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Birsa Vihar(JKSTDC) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIGreen Horizon (Station Road) C.P Special Rate Offer
RANCHIGreen Acres (Airport Road) C.P Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Arya (H B Road) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Embassy (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Satkar (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Konark (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Amrit (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Nataraj (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIKwality Inn (Opp. Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
RANCHIHotel Chinar (Main Road) Special Rate Offer
NETARHATHotel Pravat Vihar [JKTDC] Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARHotelYashoda International(Station Road) Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARRelax (B L Chakravorty Road) Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARSiddhartha (Near Bajrangi Chowk) Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARHotel Natraj Vihar(JKSTDC) Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARHotel Maharaja(Bajrangee Chowk) Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARHotel Mahadev Palace Special Rate Offer
DEOGHARHotel Yatrik Special Rate Offer
JOSHIDIGarden Resort(Mitra Garden) Special Rate Offer
JOSHIDISiddhartha Holiday Resort(Joshidi) Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Hotel Rajlaxmi (Opp. Ramkrishna Math) Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Hotel Mahalaxmi Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) The Rajgir Residency (Vulture Peak) Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Hotel Indo Hokke Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Hotel Siddhartha Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Hotel Tathagata Bihar Triptee’s Hotel Special Rate Offer
RAJGIR (Bihar) Triptee’s Hotel Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Hotel Siddhartha Vihar Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Hotel Mahayana (Opposite Jai Prakash Udyan) Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Hotel Tathagata International (Near Mahabodhi Temple) Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Hotel Mahamaya Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Shanti Guest House Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Deep Guest House (Near Barmis Temple) Special Rate Offer
BODHGAYA (Bihar) Shanti Buddha Guest House (Behind Bhutan Monastery) Special Rate Offer



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