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Details of Some Major Tourist Spots & Route Guide

Route 1:

  • Gandhinagar 40 km
  • Ahmedabad 68 km
  • Via- Anand45 km
  • Vadodara151 km
  • Surat155 km
  • Saputara 120 km
  • Dandi30 km
  • Surat



Route 2:
  • Ahemadabad217 km
  • Palitana36 km
  • Bhavnagar218 km
  • Junagadh59 km
  • Via- Sasangir75 km
  • Ahmedpur70 km
  • Somnath 20 km
  • ViaChorwad87 km
  • Porbandar122 km
  • Dwarka 155 km
  • Jamnagar89 km
  • Rajkot 216 km
  • Ahmedabad.



Package Tours ( G T D C L)
  5Days North Gujrat and Rajasthan Tour

  • Ahmedabad
  • Modhera
  • Ambaji
  • Mount Abu (Sight Seeing Haldighati Ranakpur)
  • Udaipur(Nathdwara) Chittaurgarh

5 Days North Gujrat and Rajasthan Tour

  • Ahmedabad
  • Gondal
  • Junagadh
  • Somnath
  • Porbandar
  • Dwarka
  • Gandhinagar

4 Days Saputar

  • Ahmedabad
  • Vadodara
  • Surat
  • Saputara


General Informations:



While most tourist destinations in Gujrat are renowned for their historical and archaeological sites some dating back more than 4000 yrs, Gandhinagar which is just 40 years old presents a strange contrast as a tourist destination.

How To Reach: The Sardar Vallabhai domestic and international airport is 15 km away. From Ahmedabad train is available for Gandhinagar (31 km). Gandhinagar is well connected by road with other major cities of Gujrat.
What to See: Akshardham, Indroda Park, Sarita Udyan, Adalaj Vav, Mini Zoo, Greenhouse, Entertainment Park, The Sports Authority Of India, Modhera Sun Temple (104 km).



Anand: Anand is known as the Milk Capital of India. It became famous for Amul dairy and its milk revolution. This city hosts the National Dairy Development Board of India and Anand Agricultural University. Another well-known product of the city is Vallabh Vidhyanagar, an educational suburb of Anand.

How To Reach:65 Kms from Ahmedabad and 39 Kms from Vadodara. The National express highway from Ahmedabad to Vadodara also passes through Anand.
What to See: Anand has seen rapid economic growth along the Anand Vallabh Vidya Nagar road belt. It is well on track to becoming a Municipal Corporation with the inclusion of various peripheral villages like Chikhodra, Lambhvel, V. V Nagar, Bakrol, Karamsad, Mogri and others.The great Sushrut Lives Here!



Ahmedabad: On the bank of Sabarmati river is situated the 2nd largest textile industrial city Ahmedabad. It is also a historical spot.

How To Reach: Ahmedabad is well connected by air and rail with Kolkata (Distance 2006 km).
What to See: Bhadra Fort, Jumma Masjid, Badshah Harira, Tin Darwaja, Institute of Indology, Sabarmati Ashram, Victoria Garden.



Another important coastal city of princely origin is Bhavnagar, with ports, salt works, ship building and ship breaking yards along its coast. The scenic beauty of Bhavnagar is exquisite.

How To Reach: Bhavnagar is connected with Ahmedabad by rail and road. The distance from Ahmedabad is 200 km via Sihor.
What to See: Valvadhar Black Buck Sanctuary, Gandhi Museum.



The shore temple of Somnath is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Located in Veraval, it offers a holy pilgrimage, beach holiday and a number of places of historic importance.

How To Reach:From Ahmedabad train is available. The distance is 406 km.
What to See: Somnath Temple, Pravash Patan Museum, Mahameruh, Surya Temple, Som Tirtha.



The sea beach of Porbandar is very charming.

How To Reach:Direct train is available from Howrah for Porbandar. The distance is 2564 km. Private bus services to all over western India are available from Porbandar.
What to See: Temple of Sudama, Kirti Mandir, Nehru Planetorium, Porbandar Sea Beach.



One of the principal pilgrimages of Hinduism is at Dwarka, 2455 km from Kolkata. Today it is not only a major pilgrimage site but a pleasant spot for a beach holiday.
How To Reach: Nearest airport is at Jamnagar. Buses come to Dwarka from different cities.
What to See: Dwarkadhish Temple, Jagat Mandir, Krishna Temple, Rukmini Temple, Bharakeswar.




Saputara is a beautiful and a densely wooded only hill station town situated in the “Dang” district of southern tip of Gujarat.
How To Reach: : Saputara is about 170 kilometers from Surat and about 80 kilometers from Nashik. The border of Maharashtra is about 5 km. away from Saputara.
What to See: Saputara Lake, a serene and secluded picnic spot, is placedright at the heartland of Saputara valley. The lake is on the base of Saputara hill station and is placed perfectly on the picturesque hilly surroundings. The surroundings of the lake are provided with many facilities for merry making, especially with children’s parks and play grounds. Boating in the Saputara Lake is really a wonderful experience.





Both modernity and history Jamnagar is the combination of two.
How To Reach: From Dwarka one may avail train or bus to Jamnagar, 308 km from Ahmedabad.
What to See: Sursagar Lake, Marine National Park.




Rajkot is one of the most important commercial and industrial cities of Saurashtra.
How To Reach: From Howrah trains are available. Trains ply from Rajkot to Different destinations of Gujrat also.
What to See: Jubilee Gardens, Gandhiji’s Residence, Azi Dam, Jasdan, Trinetreswar Mahadev Temple, Gondal.




The city beautifully decorated with wide roads, modern well furnished houses and buildings with sculpture and fresco, has often been called the cultural capital of Gujrat and is fast becoming a corporate capital as well.
How To Reach:The distance of Vadodara from Kolkata is 1989 km. Trains from East, South & Western India arrive in Ahmedabad pass through Vadodara en route.
What to See: Sursagar Lake, Nyaya Temple, Sayaji Bagh, Lakshmivilas Palace, Nazarbagh Palace, Sree Aurobindo Nivas.

AHMEDABADAirport Residency (Airport Circle, Opp. Hotel Taj Residency) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Meghdoot (Sarangpur Gate) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Embassy (Vasant Chowk) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADAmbassador Hotel (Near Nehru Bridge, Kanpur Road) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Dimple International (Near Panchkuwa Darwaja, Saragpur) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Capital (Mirzapur) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Golden Plaza (Opp. Town Hall, Ellisbridge) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADThe Westend (Gujarat College Road) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Chambers (Ellisbridge) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADQuality Inn Rivera (Khanpur Road) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Shakunt Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Sherton Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADHotel Klassic Gold (Sardar Patel Road ) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADSarovar Portic (Bhawan’s College Road) Special Rate Offer
AHMEDABADExcelSpecial Rate Offer
AHMEDABADSwagatSpecial Rate Offer
AHMEDABADRaj Palace Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARHotel Royal Stay (Behind Alka Cinema) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARHotel Mausam (Opp. Alka Cinema, Station Road) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARHotel White Rose (Nilambaug ) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGAR Hotel Sun ‘N’ Shine (S.T Road ) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGAR Hotel Apollo (Opposite Central Bus Station) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARHotel Blue Hill (Behind Jashonath Temple) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARNilambag Palace Hotel (Nilambag Circle) Special Rate Offer
BHAVNAGARJubilee Hotels (Panwadi) Special Rate Offer
GANDHINAGARHotel Haveli (Opposite Bidhan Sabha) Special Rate Offer
GANDHINAGARCambay Spa & Resort (Opp. Hillwoods School) Special Rate Offer
GANDHINAGARHotel Ghungat (Near GIDC Road) Special Rate Offer
GANDHINAGARSilver Oak Hotel & Resorts (Opp. Gujarat High Court) Special Rate Offer
ANANDMadhubhan Resort And Spa (Anand-Sojitra Road) Special Rate Offer
ANANDSavshanti Anandam Club (Chikhoora Crossing) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Savshanti Towers (Alkapuri) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Surya (Sayajigunj) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Yuvraj (Station Road ) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAExpress Hotel (R.C.Dutt Road) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAWelcome Hotel (Alkapuri ) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Bansal (Near Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Gaurav (Chhani Road) Special Rate Offer
VADODARARaajpath Hotel (Alkapuri) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Amity (Sayajigunj) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Apex International (Sayajigunj) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Aditi (Sayajigunj) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAHotel Panchsheel (R.C Dutt Road) Special Rate Offer
VADODARAGauravSpecial Rate Offer
VADODARAKalyanSpecial Rate Offer
SURATHotel Ashish International (Unapani Road) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Yuvraj (Opposite Railway Station ) Special Rate Offer
SURATLords Park Inn (Ring Road) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Balwas (Ring Road) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Bellevue (Near Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Akash (Near Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Sheetal (Opposite Railway Station) Special Rate Offer
SURATHotel Yaadgar (Railway Station Road) Special Rate Offer
SURATPark Inn Special Rate Offer
SURATCitizenSpecial Rate Offer
SURATTirupatiSpecial Rate Offer
SAPUTARAHotel Gokul (Near Bus Stand) Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARAHillton Hotel (Near Bus Stand) Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARAHotel Chitrakoot (Near Bus Stand) Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARAToran Hill Resort Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARALake View Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARAAnand (Saputara, Opposite Lake) Special Rate Offer
SAPUTARAVaishali Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTJayson Hotel (Canal Road) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTThe Galaxy Hotel (Jawahar Road) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Silver Palace (Gondal Road) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Kavery (Kanak Road) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Samrat International (Karanpara) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Tulsi (Kanta Street) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Aditya (Bhupendra Road) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTHotel Royal Inn (Phulchhab Chowk) Special Rate Offer
RAJKOTDhanrajSpecial Rate Offer
JUNAGADHHotel Madhumati (Kalwa Chowk) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHHotel Somnath (Railway Station Road) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHHotel Picnic (Behind Bus Stand) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHHotel Anand (Bus Station Road) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHLions Hills Resorts (Talati Road) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHHotel Relief (Dhal Road) Special Rate Offer
JUNAGADHPresidentSpecial Rate Offer
GIRLion Safari Camp (Near Hiraneshwar Check Dam) Special Rate Offer
GIRGir Birding Lodge (Next to Bambhafod Naka, Sasan Gir) Special Rate Offer
GIRHotel Annapurna Special Rate Offer
GIRRajashree Guest House Special Rate Offer
KUTCHInfinity Rann of Kutch (Khatau Wadi, Nani Aral) Special Rate Offer
MANDVIThe Beach at Mandavi Palace Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHHotel Kasturi (Near Bus Stand) Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHHotel Park (Junagadh Road) Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHHotel Shiram Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHSarda Hotel & New Sarda Hotel (Near Temple) Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHSarda Hotel & New Sarda Hotel (Near Temple) Special Rate Offer
SOMNATHKrishna Hotel (Near Temple) Special Rate Offer
PORBANDARHotel Hoast Special Rate Offer
PORBANDARNew Oasis Hotel Special Rate Offer
PORBANDARHotel Indraprashtha ((Near Swami Narayan Temple) Special Rate Offer
DWARKAHotel Guruprerana (Near Bhadrakali Temple) Special Rate Offer
DWARKAHotel Rajdhani Special Rate Offer
DWARKAHotel City Palace Special Rate Offer
DWARKAHotel Chadni (Near Dwarka Temple) Special Rate Offer
DWARKAHotel Darshan (Near Dwarkadhish Temple) Special Rate Offer
DWARKAGokul Guest House (Near Temple) Special Rate Offer
DWARKA GokulSpecial Rate Offer
DWARKARadhika Special Rate Offer
DWARKADarshanSpecial Rate Offer
DWARKAMeeraSpecial Rate Offer
JAMNAGARHotel President (Teen Batti) Special Rate Offer
JAMNAGARHotel Express Residency (Motikhavdi) Special Rate Offer
JAMNAGARHotel Ashiana Special Rate Offer
JAMNAGARHotel Celebration Special Rate Offer
DAMANGurukripaSpecial Rate Offer
DAMANDiamondSpecial Rate Offer
DAMANAnmolSpecial Rate Offer
DAMANSai Amar Special Rate Offer
DAMANPriyankaSpecial Rate Offer
DAMANNew Nataraj Special Rate Offer
DIUAlishanSpecial Rate Offer
DIURadhika Beach Resort Special Rate Offer
DIUSamratSpecial Rate Offer
DIUAnkurSpecial Rate Offer
DIUPrinceSpecial Rate Offer
NARAYAN SAROVAR Narayan Mandir Dharamsala Special Rate Offer
NARAYAN SAROVAR ToranSpecial Rate Offer



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