Styplon online stopwatch Week End Tour was the name given to French pop singer Lorie’s second concert tour, inspired by her hit single “Week End”.

All Week end tours :
AAMTALA (West Bengal),   AYODHYA HILLS (West Bengal) -40 km from Purulia Town,
B.BAKKHALI & FRESERGUNJ (West Bengal),   BAKRESWAR (West Bengal),   BANGRIPOSI (Orissa) – 6 Hrs journey from Kolkata,   BANKURA-BISHNUPUR (West Bengal),   BARANTI (West Bengal),   BARIPADA (Orissa),   BETLA (Jharkhand),   BHALKI MACHAN (West Bengal),   BHITARKANIKA (Orissa),   BIHARINATH (West Bengal),   BODHGAYA (Bihar),   BUBAHAT NEELKUTHI (West Bengal),
C.CHANDIPUR-ON-SEA (Orissa),   CHENCHURIA (West Bengal),   CHILKA (Orissa),
D.DAKSHINESWAR (West Bengal),   DALMA (Jharkhand),   DEOGHAR (Jharkhand),   DEUL PARK (West Bengal),   DEULTI (West Bengal),   DHAMAKHALI (West Bengal),   DHALBHUMGARH (Jharkhand),   DHENKANAL (Orissa),   DIAMOND HARBOUR (West Bengal),   DIGHA (West Bengal),   DURGAPUR (West Bengal- Burdwan District),
F.FALTA (West Bengal),
G.GADIARA (West Bengal),   GALUDIH (Jharkhand),   GARPANCHAKOT (West Bengal),   GARSHALBONI (West Bengal),GEONKHALI (West Bengal),   GHATSILA (Jharkhand),   GOPALPUR-ON-SEA (Orissa),
H.HALDIA (West Bengal at East Medinipur)
J.JAJPUR –Birajakshetra (Orissa),   JHARGRAM (West Bengal),   JHILIMILI (West Bengal),   JOYRAMBATI (West Bengal),JUNPUT (West Bengal),
K.KAMARPUKUR (West Bengal),   KAPILAS (Orissa),   KEONJHAR (Orissa),
M.MAITHAN (West Bengal),   MANDARMONI (WEst Bengal),   MASANJORE/ SIURI (West Bengal),   MADHUPUR (Jharkhand),MANOHARPUR (Jharkhand),   MCLUSKIEGANJ (Jharkhand),   MUKUTMANIPUR (West Bengal),   MURGUMA (West Bengal),MURSHIDABAD (West Bengal),
N.NACHAN THEME PARK (West Bengal),   NETARHAT (Jharkhand),
P.PANCHALINGESWAR/ ROOPARK VILLAGE (Orissa),   PURI (Orissa),   PARADWIP (Orissa),   PHULBANI (Orissa),   PRATAPPUR (West Bengal),   PURULIA (West Bengal),
R.RAJGIR (Bihar),   RANCHI (Jharkhand),   RASULPUR (West Bengal),   ROYCHAWK (West Bengal),
S.SABUJBAN (West Bengal),   SAGARDWIP (West Bengal),   SARANDA (Jharkhand),   SATKOSIA FOREST SANCTUARY (Orissa),SHANKARPUR (West Bengal),   SHANTINIKETAN (West Bengal),   SIMLIPAL (Orissa),   SIMULTALA (Jharkhand),   SUNDARBAN (West Bengal),
T.TAJPUR (West Bengal),   TAKI (West Bengal),   TALSARI (Orissa),   TAMLUK (West Bengal),   TARAPITH (West Bengal),



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